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Working name of UK editor and critic Maureen Speller (1959-    ) who has also written as Speller, and as Maureen Porter and Maureen Speller Kincaid; partner of Paul Kincaid since 1986 (married 1993). Initially as Maureen Porter, she has been active since about 1986, her reviews and essays appearing widely in various journals including Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction, Interzone, Strange Horizons and the British Science Fiction Association's critical journal Vector, some of this work being assembled in And Another Thing ...: A Collection of Reviews and Criticism (coll 2011 chap). The range of topics considered, and the level-headed intensity with which she shapes her conclusions, mark her as a significant voice in UK genre criticism.

With Bruce Gillespie and Paul Kincaid she co-edited the professional-quality Fanzine Steam Engine Time fairly briefly from 2000. Also with Kincaid, the nonfiction anthology Best of Vector: Vol 1: The State of the Art (anth 2015 chap) efficiently assembles half a century of critical evaluations from Vector of the state of sf, with an emphasis on its evolution and fate in the UK. [JC]

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Maureen Speller

born Oxford, Oxfordshire: 23 March 1959




nonfiction works as editor


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