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News item dated 2 March 2023

At some point in the last week or so, we passed the 32,000 scans mark in the Picture Gallery. Each scan is of a different book, and each represents either a first edition of that book, or a later edition containing significant changes from the first. At the moment, over 5570 authors with individual entries in the SFE are represented by at least one cover scan. Many have dozens. The astonishing Brian Stableford clocks in at 375 separate scans, as linked here. Most of the heavy lifting in the task of verifying and inserting these thousands of images has been done by Roger Robinson.

PaletteEvery author entry with a scan is signalled twice: by a clickable palette icon at the right of the row of buttons below the author's name, and by a Picture Gallery link at the bottom of the entry – as below.

If you click the Gallery button in the SFE Special Features box to the right of the home page and every entry page, you will see several options. The Slideshow button, for instance, will show you the entire gallery if you let it, which at several seconds per scan with random selection of images would take an indeterminate but very long while to complete. You can stop any time....

But of course the main reason for these scans is to provide information: visual contexts for the first appearance in the world of as many books as we can find. We think this information is essential. The panorama is already vast, and there is still a long way to go.

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