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Sidewise Award

These annual awards for Alternate History fiction were conceived in 1995 by Evelyn C Leeper, Robert B Schmunk and Steven H Silver, and have since been presented annually in two categories, Long Form for works of more than 60,000 words and Short Form for works (including poems) of less than 60,000 words. The awards' name is a homage to Murray Leinster's short Timeslip/Parallel Worlds story "Sidewise in Time" (June 1934 Astounding).

The winners below are listed by their year of eligibility, theoretically corresponding to first English language publication but usually – for non-US work – deferred until first US publication. Special Achievement awards are occasionally presented, either to mark notable examples of alternate history which precede the founding of the Sidewise Awards (after the manner of the Retro Hugos) or as career achievement honours. These are listed by year of presentation.

The 2019 awards which would normally have been presented in 2020 were held over until the 2021 Worldcon (at which the 2020 awards were also presented) owing to complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic.[DRL]

Long form

Short form

Special achievement


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