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Contributors to this encyclopedia may be identified by their initials, appearing (along with others if the entry has multiple authors) at the end of the main text for each entry. The first list below links initials to full names. Roughly half of the contributors themselves receive entries in this book, and are listed below with their surnames marked as normal hyperlinks to their entries. Brief descriptions of contributors without entries are incorporated into the list. A second list, further below, gives contributors in name order and adds information on which of the four editions of the encyclopedia each contributor has written for.

Contributors alphabetized by initials

Contributors alphabetized by surname

Contributors' names in this list are preceded by the encyclopedia edition or editions to which they have contributed. Thus those marked [1] are responsible only for material retained from the first edition of 1979, and those marked [2] likewise for the second edition of 1993, while those marked [3] appear newly in the third and [4] in the fourth. Combinations such as [1/2/3] or [3/4] should be self-explanatory.

A number of older entries were signed or co-signed JSt for John Stevenson, a former pseudonym of Geoffrey Stevens (GSt) above, who asked for his byline to be changed throughout. Some JSt credits are inevitably preserved in the archive records of previous versions of entries, but there are none in the current Encyclopedia of SF.

see also: Acknowledgments.

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