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Entry updated 8 March 2021. Tagged: Publication, Theme.

1. An entry which would have been superfluous in past editions of this encyclopedia because – with the exception of Centauri Express, which was a magazine in audio-cassette form (see Audiozine) – all Magazines, other than personal hand-written ones, were in print form. This may range from beautifully designed and printed SF Magazines such as Shayol or Ariel: to the most minor of Fanzines as once duplicated from typewritten stencils. It was only with the arrival of the internet and the production of Online Magazines, primarily since 1995, that a new digital form of magazine has emerged. These magazines may be read on screen or downloaded onto an e-book reader. Some may also be printed either via a PDF download or as print-on-demand publications, so many online magazines may also be available in print form, but their primary form is digital.

Print magazines may exist in several formats (see Magazines) usually designated by the physical dimensions or paper quality. See Pulp, Slick, Digest and Bedsheet for further details.

The following is a list of all of the print science-fiction magazines, whether Prozines or Semiprozines, with entries in this work. This includes magazines that have been predominantly in print form even if they have subsequently gone online, as indicated in their entries. For a list of all Online Magazines given entries, see that entry. For Academic Journals, Boys' Papers, magazines in Dime-Novel SF format, Games Magazines, Media Magazines about or mostly about sf Cinema, Radio and Television, and non-sf Pulp or Slick magazines, see those respective entries. Sf news magazines and news fanzines are listed under Newszines. For a few miscellaneous non-specialist magazines and other publications that fall into none of these categories but have entries in this encyclopedia, see 2 below. The long list of print magazines below is broken into alphabetical sections:

A to B. Aboriginal, Absolute Magnitude, Ad Astra, Adventures in Horror, Air Wonder Stories, Albedo One, Alchemy, Alien Worlds, Altair, Alt Hist, Amazing Science Stories, Amazing Stories, Amazing Stories Annual, Amazing Stories Quarterly, Amazing Stories Science Fiction Novel, American Fantasy (series 2), American Fiction, American Science Fiction Magazine, A Merritt's Fantasy Magazine, Analog, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Aphelion (1), Ares, Ariel:, The Arkham Sampler, Artemis, Asimov's Science Fiction, Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine, Astonishing Stories, Astounding Stories Yearbook, Astounding Science-Fiction, Aurealis, Authentic Science Fiction, The Avenger, Avon Fantasy Reader, Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader, Avon Science Fiction Reader, Back Brain Recluse, The Best of Omni Science Fiction, The Best Science Fiction, Beyond Centauri, Beyond Fantasy & Science Fiction, Beyond Fantasy Fiction, Beyond Infinity, Beyond the Boundaries, Bizarre, Bizarre! Mystery Magazine, Black Gate, Borderlands.

C to E. Captain Future, Captain Hazzard, Captain Zero, Century, Challenging Destiny, Comet, Continuum Science Fiction, Cosmic Crime Stories, Cosmic Science Stories, Cosmic Stories, Cosmos, Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy, Coven 13, Crank!, Creative Brother's Sci-Fi Magazine, Darkling Plain Speculative Fiction, Dark Worlds, Destinies, Different Realities, Doc Savage, Dr Yen Sin, Dream Magazine, Dream World, Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds, Dynamic Science Fiction, Dynamic Science Stories, The Edge, Edge Detector, Eidolon, Electric Velocipede, Escape Velocity, Eternity Science Fiction, Expanse, Extro, Exuberance.

F to G. Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Famous Science Fiction, Fanciful Tales of Time and Space, Fantastic, Fantastic Adventures, Fantastic Adventures Yearbook, Fantastic Novels, Fantastic Science Fiction, Fantastic Science Thriller, Fantastic Story Quarterly, Fantastic Universe, Fantastic Worlds, Fantastyka (Poland), Fantasy, Fantasy and Science Fiction (short form of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction below), Fantasy Book, Fantasy Fiction, Fantasy Magazine, Fantasy Tales, Far Frontiers, Far Out!, Far Point, Farthing, Fear, Femspec, Fiction River, Fictitious Force, Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine, Flytrap, Forbidden Lines, Forgotten Fantasy, Frank Reade Library, FTL (1), Future Fiction, Future Science Fiction, Future Science Fiction Digest, The Futurist, Futuristic Science Stories, Futuristic Stories, Futuristic Tales, G-8 and His Battle Aces, Galaxy Science Fiction, Galaxy Science Fiction Novels, Galaxy's Edge, Galileo, Gamma, The Gate, Gateway S-F Magazine, Great Science Fiction, GUD Magazine.

H to M. Hadrosaur Tales, Häpna! (Sweden), Harbinger, Harsh Mistress, The Haunt of Horror, The Hidden World, H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Icarus, Ice River, If, Imagination, Imaginative Tales, Infinity Science Fiction, International Science Fiction, Internova, Interzone, Into the Ruins, Le Journal Des Voyages (France), Journal Wired, Jules Verne-Magasinet (Sweden), Jupiter, Ka-Zar, Keen SF, Kehuan Shijie (China), Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, The Leading Edge, Last Wave, LC-39, Maelstrom Speculative Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Magazine of Horror, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Marvel Science Stories, Marvel Tales, Mind Magic, Miracle Science and Fantasy Stories, The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever Told, The Mysterious Traveler, The Mysterious Wu Fang.

N to R. Nebula Science Fiction, Neo-Opsis, New Genre, New Moon, New Moon Quarterly, New Pathways, New Worlds, Nexus, Nexxus, NFG, Nonstop Magazine, Nova Express, Nova SF, The Octopus, Odyssey, Offworld, Omega Science Digest, Omni, On Spec, Operator #5, Orb Speculative Fiction, Orbit Science Fiction, Der Orchideengarten (Germany), Orphia, Other Times, Other Worlds, Out of This World Adventures, Outer Reaches, Outlands, Owlflight, Pandora, Paradox, Perry Rhodan (Germany), Pirate Writings, Planet Stories, Popular Science Fiction, Postscripts, Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, Questar, Realms of Fantasy, R. E. M., Rigel, Rocket Stories, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine.

S. Satellite Science Fiction, Saturn, Say ..., Scheherazade, Science and Invention, Science Fantasy, Science Fantasy Yearbook, Science Fiction Adventures, Science Fiction Age, Science Fiction Classics, Science Fiction Classics Annual, Science Fiction Digest, SF Digest, SF International, Science Fiction Library, Science Fiction Monthly, Science-Fiction Plus, Science Fiction Quarterly, Science Fiction Stories, Science Stories, Scientific Detective Monthly, Scientific Thrillers (Australia), Scoops, The Scorpion, The Secret 6, Secret Agent "X", Selected Science Fiction, The Shadow, Shayol, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, Shimmer, Shock (which see for Shock Mystery Tales), Shock Tales, Shoreline of Infinity, Sirius, Sirius Visions, Skyworlds, Solaris (French Canada), Something Else, Space Adventures (Classics), Space and Time, Space Fact and Fiction, Space Science Fiction, Space Science Fiction Magazine, Space Stories, Spaceway, Space-Wise, Spectrum SF, The Spider, Star Science Fiction Magazine, Stardate, Starshore, Startling Mystery Stories, Startling Stories, Stella (Sweden, almost certainly a hoax), Stirring Science Stories, Strange Adventures, Strange Fantasy, Strange Plasma, Strange Stories, Strange Tales, Substance, Subterranean, Super Science Stories, Super-Science Fiction, Suspense, Swan American Magazine, Swan Yankee Magazine, Sword & Sorcery Annual.

T to Z. Talebones, Tales of Magic and Mystery, Tales of the Talisman, Tales of the Unanticipated, Tales of Tomorrow, Tales of Wonder, 10 Story Fantasy, Terence X. O'Leary's War Birds, Terra Incognita, Territories, Theaker's Quarterly Fiction, The Third Alternative, 3SF, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Thrills Incorporated, Tomorrow: Speculative Fiction, Tops in Science Fiction, Transversions, Treasury of Great Science Fiction Stories, Two Complete Science-Adventure Books, Uncanny Stories, Uncanny Tales, Unearth, Universe Pathways, Universe Science Fiction, Unknown, Unusual Stories, Vanguard Science Fiction, Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine, Venture Science Fiction, Vertex, Vision of Tomorrow, Void Science Fiction and Fantasy, Vortex, The Vortex, Vortex Science Fiction, Web Terror Stories, Weird and Occult Library, Weird Tales, Weird World, Whispers, Wonder Stories, Wonder Stories Quarterly, Wonder Story Annual, Wonders of the Spaceways, Wondrous Web Worlds, Worlds Beyond, Worlds of Fantasy, Worlds of the Universe, Worlds of Tomorrow, Zahir. [MA]

2. A few miscellaneous publications, which have entries in this encyclopedia but do not fit into any of the other categories or entries discussed above, are listed below.

Magazines whose lack of genre fiction content or focus disqualifies them from the above list: Futures Past, The Pall Mall Budget, SFWA Bulletin, SFWA Forum and Storyteller.

Publishers' series which are not truly magazines but are convenient to list here: Science Fiction Series, Sexton Blake Library, "Space" Kingley, To-day and To-morrow and The Web. [DRL]

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